Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ex-CPS Investigator speaks out

"I just read your article, Remember 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty' This July 4! and I also visited your website. Until six months ago I was a Texas CPS investigator for years. I understand how intrusive and upsetting it can be to be falsely accused of abuse or neglect of a child. Fortunately for the families in the Counties I served, our investigators were not overzealous or likely to abuse their power simply because a parent was rude or uncooperative."

Read on here! to see what else he says about what needs to happen to correct some Child Protective Service policies and false reports.


  • What a joke our system has become - the one that is supposed to protect our children is still being used and abused 3 years after this article was written. Why haven't we as parents and a society done something to stop this.

    Come on people - WAKE UP - stop letting our anger and complacency ruin what this country was founded on - it's heart and it's righteousness!!!

    By Blogger CapeCodGirl, at 8:19 PM, April 27, 2005  

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