Wednesday, April 27, 2005

HB 221 is NOW LAW!

Governor Sonny Perdue signed HB 221 April 22, 2005 at 10:am. Thanks to all of your hard work, HB 221 is now law.

Press Release: April 22, 2005

"During the 1st term of Georgia’s 2005-2006 General Assembly, important legislation to reform Georgia’s out of date child support guidelines was passed in both the House and Senate by a wide margin and signed by the Governor today. The new law will replace an “obligor only” model that was based on a 1982 economic study from the University of Wisconsin and hastily adopted in 1989 by the Georgia General Assembly under pressure of loosing federal funds. Currently, only 3 states in the U.S. use this outdated way of calculating child support and those laws are under scrutiny."

Georgians Child Support Reform for more of the press release!

For full text of HB 221, versions etc, visit:

Way to go Georgians!


  • Now that is a step in the right direction!!! We should all work to support our children not just the obligor.

    Texas - you need to get your stuff straight and realize it isn't up to just one parent to do the supporting of your children - you both had the children - you both should support them!!!

    Congrats Georgia - let's see if we can't get Texas to wake up to how they are hurting our families.

    By Blogger CapeCodGirl, at 8:12 PM, April 27, 2005  

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